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Tech hiring frenzy 2021

Written by: Richelle Matthews, COO
December 10, 2020

The highest grossing industries in the world are currently being forced to adapt and rely on new technological measures more than ever. The pandemic has disrupted industries such as the banking sector, public healthcare, and educational systems around the world. It is likely that these shifts will continue post-pandemic and contribute to growth in the Canadian tech industry. Here are our predictions for the highest post-pandemic growth.

Cyber Security is continuing to grow . The growth in remote work has required more protection for e data and sensitive materials. While technology can help save costs, the more a company is dependent on cyber security tech, the greater the risk of technical errors and deception that can greatly affect company profits and reputation. Post pandemic, companies are expected to reduce numbers of service workers, due to automation such as checkout terminals, online orders, food delivery, and more. There are also companies that are going fully virtual to avoid the cost associated with renting or leasing property. Ultimately growing digital threats equal more job opportunities for those looking for careers in cyber security.

Healthcare during the pandemic has seen numbers surge when it came to online visitations and inquiries instead of in person consultation; with 41% of younger consumers favouring virtual care versus those who are older. But the largest population in the world is officially Generation Z and companies would be foolish to overlook the importance of this, the largest market. If the generation with the largest population continues to use online methods for service, this easily translates into opportunities for healthcare providers to continue utilising online consultations even after COVID. Reliability and convenience is what drove the $200 billion online food delivery service and with healthcare just starting to tap into the virtual aspect of their industry; the sky is the limit.

Retail companies have been greatly affected by COVID-19. From massive store closures to less overall foot traffic, stores have been fighting to stay afloat — many having already lost the fight. Shopping trends have generally been transitioning to an online model for some time, but the pandemic accelerated this process exponentially. Even those consumers that did not previously feel comfortable ordering online, have now become digital shopping masters. Companies like Shopify are among Canada’s fastest growing because they are in the business of allowing customers to set up online stores for the purpose of selling. Retail ordering is on the rise from a technological stand point, and the ever growing “Buy online, Pick up in store” tool that stores have been implementing, is said to be a growing trend for customers that will continue post-pandemic. More job opportunities are expected in the retail cyber security sector, as customers favour businesses that protect their data and privacy while providing convenience and quick deliveries or service.

Global Talent Accelerator is ready for the tech hiring frenzy to be expected in 2021. From jobs in healthcare, retail, and cyber security and across all industries; it is important to stay updated on the tech opportunities that Canadian companies will need filled. Tech professionals from Canada and all around the world are encouraged to apply through the job listings on our website. Make your best career move today and bring your talents to where they are needed most, your future starts here.

Written by John Sears, Marketing intern at Global Talent Accelerator.