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Build your team without bothering your team

Written by: Richelle Matthews, COO
November 26, 2020

Did you know there were roughly 2 million unemployed Canadians looking for jobs in October? If you are a growing tech company you have probably noticed a surge in applications. As we continue into the COVID pandemic increasing job losses are shifting the market demands for hiring.

In the past year we have now seen remote work becoming normal for most companies. The flood of applications, make it harder to discern between quality candidates. To make matters worse, applicants are facing fiercer competition with jobseekers from around the world as remote opportunities allow people to work remotely from anywhere.

Job seekers are encouraged to apply to 10–15 times a week. If your hiring process is not well-defined or if your team is too slow in responding you could miss out on hiring a top applicant. Companies that have faster and more streamlined hiring processes will be the first to nab top talent when they come on the market. Here are some simple steps to streamline your hiring process to get the best talent to build your team:


Coding challenges are popping up everywhere and becoming an industry standard in technical hiring. Platforms such as FaasTR compliment your hiring process, by testing, screening and filtering the candidates in your talent pool. Relying on technical tests instead of a resume alone, helps your recruitment team validate their assumptions and reduces the risk of making a bad hire. Bad hires are detrimental to your business and will end up costing your company vast amounts of time and money. Eliminating as much risk as possible is ideal when hiring, through technical coding challenges, video interview assessments, and analyzation of skills through in-depth technical ability ranking systems companies can reduce their time and cost to hire.

Technical review panel:

Hiring departments face the constant battle of candidates misrepresenting themselves on their resumes. Senior technical positions that require extensive knowledge, credentials, and overall experience may be too extensive for the hiring department to fully grasp and typically require insight from the dev team. Building your tech team without interrupting any member of the organisation can be done by acquiring your own dedicated technical review panel, one that can provide expert assessments while the rest of your tech team remains focused on their own weekly goals — but this can be an expensive option. Here at Global Talent Accelerator, our developers validate tech qualifications through technical assessments and various screening measures to effectively rank your applicants ensuring a quality a hire is made, without pulling your own team away from more important company needs.

Backing your instincts with data:

The interview process can be an arduous one, especially when your hiring department has allocated time to a candidate that may not be properly qualified. Hiring the right candidate involves risk, which can be mitigated by knowing who to interview first. Many candidates are focused on getting passed an ATS system that automatically screens resumes, so they fill their resume with key words and technical skills that they may or may not be proficient in. By implementing a technical screening, those in charge of the hiring process can better solidify their instincts before commencing the formal interview process.

Zero distractions and talent acquisition are finally in the same sentence. GTA’s FaasTR platform is primarily focused on helping companies looking to hire top talent. With national and international applicants creating piles of resumes for your team to go through, recognising the best candidate for your technical role continues to be extremely challenging. Building your team, while allowing your current team to do what they do best, is the main objective here at Global Talent Accelerator. Contact Ollie to book an exclusive FaasTR demo here!

Written by John Sears, Marketing intern at Global Talent Accelerator.