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Data vs instincts when hiring

Written by: Richelle Matthews, COO
November 27, 2020

As a recruiter your job is to meet hiring goals by filling positions with qualified individuals. It is important when in this position to know the difference between relying on hard data and evidence versus trusting your instincts about an applicant. In the tech industry, recruiters may not always have the technical expertise to understand the depth required for a position and may rely on their tech team for advice and clarification. Asking for assistance should rarely be frowned upon, but is it taking time away from dev team? Developing a recruitment process to technically screen candidates will streamline your process and keep your team focused on what they do best.


Intuition and instincts on their own are proven flawed and subject to unconscious bias unrelated to the hiring decision. With more competition for jobs, candidates are more likely to misrepresent themselves. Now more than ever, it is not okay to just rely on your gut instinct as a recruiter. Your instincts can certainly lead you in the right direction but without data to back it up, companies can end up with ‘bad hires’ that can cost up to 30% of an employees salary. As a recruiter in the tech industry, there is much that may be unclear or unfamiliar for you (programming languages, coding terminology, etc). Without tools and a process to screening and test candidates it is easy to get lost in what the candidate says they can do versus what they are actually qualified and experienced in doing. The FaasTR platform, helps companies by testing candidates, filtering and ranking them so your recruitment team can spend time doing what they do best.


Data-driven recruiting is simply using tangible stats and facts to assist in your hiring decision. This is exceptionally important for tech recruiters. Tech roles (software developers, web developers, analysts, software engineers, etc) require strong hard and soft skills. Recruiters while proficient with various programming languages, web development technologies do not have the expertise to technically test candidates claims. There are no shortage of assessment programs to test candidates and this is becoming an accepted practice in technical hiring. GTA has developed its own platform specially designed to vet technical talent. Our techies do the work, so you and your team don’t have to, meaning you are not bothering members outside of your recruitment team for assistance. Our data driven platform, helps your recruiters by ensuring that you are hiring the right candidates with the right skills.

Instincts alone will not get the right candidates in the right roles. Now more than ever, companies are moving to a data driven hiring process, to reduce cost and time to hire. Platforms such as FaasTR will alleviate the stress of vetting talent to ensure that you are hiring the best technical candidate for your role. If you have any questions about whether or not FaasTR is right for your company’s needs, book a demo today by contacting Ollie. Let our team help you hire top candidates for your technical roles.

Written by Hayley Connor, Marketing intern at Global Talent Accelerator.