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Five Canadian tech companies that are doing diversity right

Written by: Richelle Matthews, COO
June 24, 2020

We are in a period of awakening. Diversity and inclusion strategies are no longer a nice to have; they are essential to building a thriving team. It is widely known that diverse teams drive profitability and value creation. Now is the time to look at how your company can implement a diversity and inclusion strategy.

Here are five Canadian tech companies that will provide you with the tools to build an effective diversity and inclusion strategy.

1. Crescendo: enables stronger communication among diverse teams. Using slack crescendo delivers tailored microlearning and resources that are personalized to reflect their learning needs and work environment. Employees receive curated learning paths about the experiences of people from different cultures, gain actionable tips on how they can be inclusive and the ability to start conversations with their peers about diversity & inclusion.

2. MESH/diversity: is the only fully integrated anti-racism tool in the world. Their diversity platform helps companies understand how social privilege and power are exercised and normalized in the everyday, how and where social privilege and power might manifest in everyday practice in organizations, and how to change the system in practical and productive ways. MESH gives companies the tools to navigate the complex science of social oppression in ways that are accessible and actionable.

3. Lunaria Solutions: Understands that diversity drives returns, and every organization has different needs. Through a customized diversity audit Lunaria will develop a customized management plan to meet your organization’s diversity and inclusion goals. As an incentive to get started Lunaria will give you the first three weeks of an eight-week plan for free.

4. Diversio: helps companies overcome feedback bias and cultural challenges for increased diversity and inclusion. Diversio collects employee data, creates an Inclusion Score and report card that reflects employee experience within your organization. Then they use advanced analytics to create an Action Plan with tactical next steps. Progress is tracked over time to ensure consistent, sustained results. By completing the program companies can become “Diversio Certified” to be globally recognized as a diverse and inclusive workplace.

5. Diverst: is the software platform that will help your company manage Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Through their platform, your company can align ERGs with business objectives to engage diverse employees with inclusive ROI-focused campaigns to deliver “impact on business” results. Diverst believes that employees that feel like they belong have higher retention and deliver more innovation which leads to better results.

It is no longer enough for companies to embrace diversity, with such great tools available, now is the time to take action and engage your employees in meaningful discussions and action around diversity and inclusion.

Written by: Megan McClure, Marketing at Global Talent Accelerator.