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How Symend saved time and mitigated risk with GTA

Written by: Kaitlynn Brooks, Communications Specialist
November 14, 2022

About Symend

Founded in 2016, Symend is a leading SaaS company that turns difficult conversations and everyday moments into positive experiences across the entire customer journey. Symend’s Behavioral Engagement Platform™ delivers digital experiences that are hyper-personalized based on the science behind consumer behavior. Their unique solution achieves better results and builds stronger relationships with nearly half the outreaches. 


Symend CTO Corey Scobie knew he wanted to leverage offshoring and near-shoring in Symend’s overall labor strategy, but even with 25 years in the business and a network of people to call on for help, he admitted that working from the ground up was overly complicated. 


From the first conversation  - it was clear that GTA had an incredible database of outsourcing firms from around the world, PLUS already existing relationships - which provided tremendous value in regards to the time it would've taken to vet, and risk mitigation. 

Time to Market

Corey stated that it would’ve taken Symend 6 months or potentially longer - and with a lower level of quality to find the team that GTA matched in only two weeks' time.


Risk Mitigation

One of the risks that Corey was navigating while searching for a team was potential geopolitical interference. GTA was able to mitigate that risk because of the existing relationship with the teams, and the vetting process that GTA utilized beforehand.

GTA’s 2-Week Process

  1. GTA & Symend met and defined the criteria for the team, including technical requirements and experience 
  2. GTA searched their database of over 9000 development firms and came back with an infinite number of options for Symend 
  3. Using a data-driven approach and vetting process, GTA narrowed the list down to 5 options, each in different geographical areas that were strategically selected 
  4. Symend met with the 5 companies in a panel interview setting and had their 2 finalists selected by the end of the day. 

Added Value

“What is really valuable with GTA is the data about specific markets and knowing which regions are best fitted to work on certain technical projects, which not only saves countless hours spent researching, but also mitigates the risk of having a poorly matched partner.

Corey’s Advice: 

“The first thing that I’d say to any CTO is that if your labor strategy is just to hire good, local talent - then you’re not doing yourself justice. It is a global market now, not just for products but for talent as well. I couldn’t recommend strongly enough - especially for smaller, venture-backed companies, to have a relationship with a company like GTA, that has data-backed knowledge of the global market, and the experience about where talent rates are going and the trends surrounding them.”

Why Did Symend Seek out GTA?

To hear more about why Symend selected GTA, watch the full testimonial video here.