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How to keep team culture alive when more people are WFH

Written by: Richelle Matthews, COO
September 18, 2020

Now that we have all gone through the growing pains of adjusting to working from home, we are now soaking up the advantages of getting to call our bed our new office and our sweatsuits our new work attire (arguably the biggest advantage). But how can companies create and maintain a team culture in a virtual workplace?

A recent survey shows that 73 per cent of Canadians think that working from home will continue after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended and 63 per cent say they would like to continue to work from home. So how can we thrive in this new environment and make the most of it? Here are important elements of keeping your team culture alive while working from home.

Communication, communication and communication

Open communication is the most important skill for your remote team, whether you are the one running it, or you are simply a part of the team. This comes with establishing standardized communication methods, whether this is by email, phone, or video call. It is so important to know how you can reach your team and maintain regular communication to avoid miscommunication. This also comes with establishing expectations as well as regular feedback. Since we can no longer rely on face to face in the office, it must be made clear that your team can be comfortable with giving and receiving feedback virtually as it is essential to your business and team while adjusting to working in a new environment.

Understand your team

Everyone has different levels of comfort at this time and it’s really important to know and respect this. Some are comfortable and prefer working from home and some miss the face to face interactions and feel less productive. It is good to find out your team’s preferred way to work at this time in order to get the best results possible while remaining safe. Discuss with your team regularly how they are finding working from home and if they are having any issues as well as provide employees with tools and tips to adjust to working from home. This will make it easier for your team to find the best way that works for their group to help keep your team as productive and connected as possible this time.

Make your company a great place to work

What makes a company a great place to work is making it a place that encourages two-way performance reviews so that employees can have regular feedback. This is especially important during these times as employees and employers must establish finding a way to deliver this feedback electronically. Research shows that it is important to ask your employees how they would like to receive feedback at this time and employees will be impressed to see the efforts put into place by their employer to make their company a great place to work. The company culture will be positive and the company will be a more effective place to work.

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Written by: Megan McClure, Marketing at Global Talent Accelerator.