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Top six reasons to immigrate to Canada

Written by: Richelle Matthews, COO
July 22, 2020

Besides its breathtaking beauty, people look to Canada for all the opportunities it offers. Canada is set to welcome one million new immigrants between 2020–2022 and the Canadian government estimates that 80 per cent of Canada’s population growth will come from immigration. For all of the newcomers looking to call Canada home, we want to highlight some of the top reasons why Canada is the best place to call home.

  1. Education: Canada spends the most amount of money on education and has a free public education system. Our public education system has over 15,000 public schools with different types of schools including French immersion, Catholic and non-denominational, giving families choice and access to options for their children’s education. Canada’s dedication to education truly shows as it is home to some of the top universities in the world, making it possible for so many to further their education and be open to more opportunities.
  2. Diversity: Canada’s identity is based on embracing individuals of all different cultures and backgrounds. Multiculturalism was officially adopted by the government in the 1970s and has been rooted in Canadian culture ever since. Canada also has the Human Rights Act in place to protect citizens from being discriminated against throughout the hiring process as well as within the workplace. Canada is considered to be one of the most inclusive countries in the world, becoming the fourth country in the world to legalzie same-sex marriage.
  3. Growing tech industry: Canada’s tech sector employs about 900,000, people, or about 5.6 per cent of its workforce. Canada is home to many tech startups including Vention, BlueDot, Flybits, 1Password and more. Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa are named as of the top Canadian cities recognized for their tech talent and with the tech industry being the fastest growing industry in Canada and with more individuals switching to remote work, the need for more tech talent will continue to grow.
  4. Public healthcare: Access to healthcare is free to all permanent residents and citizens in Canada. Most healthcare visits are covered such as family doctors, hospital care and more. Although Canada has a tenth of the population of the United States, we have done significantly more COVID-19 testing proportionate to their population. The Canadian healthcare system also offers mental health resources and makes access to mental health services a priority.
  5. Social systems: Canada has social security programs to help citizens during these especially hard times. This includes COVID-19 emergency benefits, employment insurance for those struggling and needing additional support. The government also offers benefits for housing, education, training, and for people with disabilities. Canadian workers also enjoy paid vacations, maternity leave and so much more.
  6. Safety: Canada is considered one of the 10 safest countries in the world to live, and considered the best country to live based on quality of life. These rankings consider domestic and international conflict, level of harmony in the nation as well as militarization. Canada also has strong safety measures surrounding firearms and solid gun control policies, which reflect its low crime rates as a country. Some of Canada’s friendliest cities include top cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal!

Canada has many different immigration options for people interested in living in Canada. At Global Talent Accelerator, we can help you find a job offer and help you with the immigration process for you and your family. Learn more about moving to Canada and follow us on Linkedin.