Reach your potential

80% of the best tech jobs are never advertised. GTA gives you access to a network we’ve developed over decades, where you’ll find excellent opportunities that match your interest and skills.

The hiring process

1 Apply

Find an opportunity that fits your skills and goals.

2 Demonstrate

Show your abilities with an online, technical challenge and first-round interviews.

3 Interview

Meet your employer with an in-person/video interview.

4 Start work

Get your offer and start your new job.

How GTA helps

Wide network in the US and Canada

If you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, we can connect you with jobs across Canada and remote opportunities with U.S companies.

Inside access

We work with a wide range of employers so we can help you with the best match for your skills, growth potential, and personality. We make sure you’ll be as happy as they are to have you.

Interview preparation & more

We’ll set up your interviews, explain the process, help you prepare and brief you on the company culture.

Career support

If you want to upgrade your skills before applying for a job with GTA, we can point you toward the best training programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t make it through every step? We have more opportunities for you!

If you don’t have the right skills for our employers, don’t worry — if one job isn’t a great fit for you, we may have other opportunities. If you need to gain new skills, we can direct you to specific courses and resources that help you upgrade your abilities. Keep learning, and keep checking in with our website—we’re always hiring for different skills.