Why gta?

80% of the best jobs are never advertised.

Meaning the majority of opportunities never make it to the job boards.

65% of jobs are placed by referrals not resumes.

And 88% of employers said that referrals are the #1 best source for above-average applicants.

Leverage your skills with our network.

Especially now, you need the right network to get career opportunities that match your skills and growth potential.

At GTA we have that network in Canada and in the USA. We will connect you with our
clients who are innovative and solving interesting problems. They are looking for senior and intermediate developers and tech talent.

Jobs in the USA

GTA has clients in Canada and in the USA.

If you are a Canadian, Permanent Resident or have a Canadian Work Permit you can also apply for remote work with our clients in the USA.

If you are a Canadian Citizen, you can work remotely and, when the border re-opens, if you want, we can arrange a work visa for you to work and live in the US on a temporary basis.


Performance > Pedigree

  • We ask you to complete coding challenges to ensure you are ready for the work, which can be applied for here.
  • We interview with video and ask just a few questions to get a feel for your communications skills and personality.
  • We match your skills and personality to the most innovative companies in Canada and the USA.
  • Once matched, we'll set up your interviews and help you prepare.
  • When your job offer comes in, we'll get your official offer of employment and support you in whatever way we can!
    If we don't think you are ready for the jobs that we have, we will be offering online training programs in the future that will give you a better chance of getting the jobs you want.

Apply for top tech jobs in Canada