Global Talent Accelerator

Power your business with the best tech talent in the world.

GTA makes it easy to hire internationally.

Our unique contract-to-hire mode gives you full control of hiring without the risks and high costs of hiring internationally.

1. No Risk

Pick from our highly curated international talent pool, try for up to 18 months. During the contract term you only pay the same rate you budgeted for an employee.

2. No Hassle

We take care of everything from Visa paperwork, to moving, onboarding and continuous training.

3. Guarantee

If it doesn’t work out, we take the candidate back and we find you replacement options. Contract – to – Hire  Low risk, Low cost We make it so simple to hire the perfect fit

Here’s how our model works:

1. Custom needs assessment.

Specific to your company culture, your dev environment and, of course, your stack.

2. Pick who you like…

Choose from a curated list of talent from around the world, based on your specific needs.

3. Let us take care of the rest.

We hire the talent so you don’t have to – until you want to.

We take care of immigration, visa, relocation, on-boarding and continuous training.

Retention with continuous improvement.

Employee retention is as important as recruitment. We train them during evenings and weekends at our expense until they are the perfect fit. 

We continue even after they are hired, if you want us to.


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