Where Will I Work?

You will work at the office and with the team of the employer, even though you start by working for us under contract to the employer.

Who Are We Looking For?

The jobs are posted in the jobs tab, but generally we are always looking for Senior Full Stack developers 5+ years of experience. We are focused on performance not pedigree. We are more interested in your ability to code than where you studied or if you have a degree. Apply online on our website or on LinkedIn.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

The salaries range based on experience and company but an experienced developer with 5 years or more can expect a minimum of $80,000 CDN salary.

What Is The Hiring Process?
  • If you are selected we will send you an online coding test and interview that will help us rank your ability in your best software platform (your choice).
  • We compare your performance to thousands of other coders. If you stack up and are suitable, we will send you an invitation for a second interview.
  • If you are not at yet at the level for us to invite for a second interview, we encourage you to take some online courses to upgrade your skills. Keep learning and following our website as we are always hiring for different skills.
Can I Bring My Family?

If you have a family you will be able to apply for your spouse and children to accompany you to Canada during the program. Your spouse will be eligible for a work permit and your dependent children will be eligible for a study permit to attend public school.

Do I Need A Visa? And What Type?

You will need a work permit to be employed by GTA. We will provide the offer letter and the employer sponsorship that you require to apply for your work permit. We can provide assistance and support on the work permit application to help you with the process.

Where Do I Live And Will You Help Me Find A Place To Live?

We have arranged accommodations just 10 minutes from our office. You will have your own room with a double bed but share a common area and kitchen with your flatmates. Each suite has its own bathroom and shower facilities. You can opt for a meal plan or you will have kitchen facilities to prepare your own meals. 

Rooms will be assigned by gender, they are not co-ed. Basic supplies will be provided, however if you require more bedding or linens we will take you shopping to buy any supplies you need.

If you do not want to live in our accommodations you are welcome to find your own housing and accommodations.

I Hear Canada Is Very Cold, What Do I Need To Bring?

If you are coming to start in June it will be summer in Calgary. Summer days are long and sunny and we have over 15 hours of daylight. The average daytime temperature is 24 degrees Celsius but it can get a little chilly at night about 10 degrees Celsius.

Calgary is a very casual city, even in the workplace people wear jeans, especially in tech! You should bring one business outfit for networking events. Our work place is profession by relaxed, jeans, shirts and trainers are fine for everyday. Bring a light jacket or sweater for cool evenings.

It will get cold as winter approaches and you will need to dress warmly. It is much better to buy proper winter apparel in Canada than to bring it from home.

Do I Need Any Vaccines?

Check with your family doctor to ensure all of your vaccines are up to date. There are no special vaccines that you require to travel to Canada. If you have any existing medical conditions, you should get prescriptions before you come. 

You will have medical coverage included as part of your employment contract which will cover the cost of visiting a doctor or hospital.

As a requirement for your work permit you may be required to do a medical. Please check with cic-gc.ca for a list of approved physicians and complete your medical as soon as you possible.

Is It Safe?

Calgary is a very safe city. You can feel safe walking, taking public transportation and traveling as a woman. As a foreigner you will find that people are friendly and helpful, do not be shy to ask for directions or help if you are lost or alone.

I Hear A Lot About Racism In Australia And The U.S, Is Canada Welcoming To Immigrants?

Calgary is home to people of more than 240 different ethnic origins, and is ranked third in proportion of visible minorities in Canada. More than 25% of the population of Calgary belongs to a visible minority group. Calgary’s Mayor is Naheed Nenshi of Indian and has been re-elected 3 times. Calgary and Canada embrace immigration and cultural diversity.

I Have Never Lived Alone Before, Who Will Help Me?

We will arrange housing options for you in furnished apartments. Depending on your family situation you can choose from a studio or multi-room apartment.

If you are coming alone and would prefer to have a roommate we also have shared accommodation options.

Do I Need IELTS?

We do not require an English language proficiency test. You will be required to work in English so you will need a functional level of English for the workplace.

Can I Apply For PR?

Yes, you can apply for PR once you have landed in Canada. We can provide you with more details if this is the path you wish to take once you have settled.

Who Pays For My Travel To Canada? How Is My Travel Arranged?

You are responsible for all travel to and from Canada. We will provide you with recommended flights and group travel arrangements. Please do not book your flight until you have confirmed your employment with GTA and have obtained your visa.