Immigration services

GTA provides complete support for new hires and employers

We’re experienced professionals in immigration, and we specialize in relocating senior tech talent to Canada. We handle research and paperwork so that you can focus on what you do best: operating and growing your business. Whether you’re hiring a contractor from GTA or you’ve found the perfect candidate yourself, we’ll put our

experience to work for you, and find you the most efficient, effective pathway to get your talent here. GTA removes the complexity of the immigration process, whether you’re hiring an international employee or relocating for a career opportunity. We reduce the hassle of moving talent across the border and ensure the process proceeds smoothly for everyone involved.

Hassle-free immigration services

GTA can help you with immigration as a standalone service to relocate international hires, whether you found them in our talent pool or independently. GTA provides information and ongoing support to simplify and streamline your candidate’s immigration process, according to their situation and long-term objectives.

1 Apply

Find an opportunity that fits your skills and goals.

2 Demonstrate

Show your abilities with an online, technical challenge and first-round interviews.

3 Interview

Meet your employer with an in-person/video interview.

4 Land the role

Get your offer and set your start date.

Immigration consultancy

There are many different paths to relocating international talent to Canada, and we can help you find the option best suited to your company and your new hire. Once you’ve made the job offer, we’ll help you find out exactly what comes next. Please note: we only complete immigration work that is tied to an employment offer.

  • Advice on the Canadian immigration process.
  • Information about different immigration streams and recommendations on which one is most appropriate.
  • Once you have relocated a new hire to Canada, we can assist them with permanent residency or citizenship (if needed).

Work permit

Any international hire who is not a landed immigrant with permanent residency status will need a work permit to be employed in Canada, whether for GTA or another employer. We’ll simplify and streamline the application process.

  • Assistance writing an appropriate employment offer letter, which is necessary to get started.
  • Help compiling the employer authorization (LMIA or LMBP), if needed.
  • Paperwork submission for the company and the employee.
  • Communication on your behalf with Service Canada and the IRCC.
  • Ongoing support with renewals or changes of status.

Permanent residency

Once your international hire has arrived in Canada and started working for your company, you may mutually decide to extend the position past its fixed term. If your employee decides to stay in Canada as a permanent resident or become a Canadian citizen, we’ll guide them through the process.

  • Prepare and submit your permanent resident application.
  • Information about the Provincial Nominee Program application and help with paperwork.

Family immigration

If your international hire is bringing their family to Canada, we can complete paperwork and provide support for relocating their spouse and children.

  • Help preparing a spousal work permit and study permits for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to relocate an international candidate?

On average, it takes 30 to 90 days to relocate a candidate depending on the country of origin. However, your new hire can begin work remotely while their work permit is being processed

What types of positions does GTA hire for?

We work with intermediate- and senior-level professionals in software and data science, with a focus on technical software development and implementation-related positions. We’re always looking for:

  • Cloud architects, DevOps
  • Data scientists, data engineers, data architects
  • Mobile developers (iOS and Android)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Front-end, back-end and full-stack developers
  • Specialty applications including Salesforce and Service Now

Where do you find the tech professionals you work with?

We have especially strong networks in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and parts of Southeast Asia. We also find great talent from our own back-yard in Canada and the US. Whenever immigration and relocation is needed, we can take care of it

How is GTA different?

In many ways! Here are a few:

  • We find senior talent where it’s hard to find - from outside your market and around the world.
  • Technical pre-qualification processes that remove risk for employers
  • Immigration services whenever required
  • Established networks in key markets for intermediate and senior talent
  • Cultural onboarding that helps your new hire settle in and stay productive from day one

Our HR team found an international hire. Can you help me with immigration?

Yes. GTA has been doing this for years and has a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who will manage the paperwork for your hire and advise you on which immigration stream is the best choice (there are a number of stream options for international professionals relocating for technical roles).

How does GTA vet applicants?

We use coding and other technical challenges as well as video interviews, all of which are reviewed by technical experts, who match you with the most appropriate job seekers. Only applicants who score above a certain threshold on this test are presented to employers

We usually hire on a trial basis—how does that work with an international employee?

If you’d like to mitigate risk with a probation period for your new hire, we have a couple of options.

  • Contract-to-hire: GTA hires the employee and contracts them to you for a probation period. Once this period ends, you have the option to hire that person as a permanent employee.
  • Remote worker: You hire your new employee as a remote worker for a probation period. If you choose to hire them permanently at the end of that period, GTA will work with you to relocate them, if you would like.

If we have employees from multiple countries and cultures, how can we make sure we're communicating effectively?

We screen for communications skills first, but nuance counts. GTA understands that different countries have different professional rules and norms—in fact, some of our team members are experts in the field of intercultural workplaces. To help everyone thrive, we offer neuroscience-based team training that helps every employee understand how to engage across business cultures more effectively, increasing productivity. We also offer monthly potlucks for newcomers to the Canadian workforce, where we coach them on how to understand and handle culturally complex workplace scenarios

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