Why GTA ?

80% of the best jobs are never advertised.

Meaning the majority of opportunities never make it to the job boards.

65% of jobs are placed by referrals not resumes.

And 88% of employers said that referrals are the #1 best source for above-average applicants.

Canada needs to fill 216,000 tech-related positions by 2021.

Many employers struggle to fill tech-related positions, with some positions remaining open for more than 60 days.

Leverage your skills with our network.

You need the right network to reach your career potential.

At GTA we have that network. We work with the most innovative companies, connecting you with opportunities that match your skills

You’ll experience our seamless immigration and transition process, providing you with an employment offer before you ever step foot on a plane.

All while helping you and your family easily adjust to the beautiful land that is Canada.

Adjusting to life in Canada

Starting your job in Canada is just the first step of many while adjusting to your new life.

Technical skills will “get you in the door”, but properly adjusting to the culture and work environment will enhance your life and work experience everyday.

Learning how to adjust to life in a new culture and communicate effectively in the work place is crucial to your success

At GTA, we get you ready to succeed, equipped with both skills and your understanding of Canadian culture!

What you'll find in Canada

  • Affordable housing
  • Healthy balanced lifestyle and access to free healthcare
  • Employment opportunities for your spouse
  • Free education for your children at some of the best ranked public schools in the world


Performance > Pedigree

  • We ask you to complete coding challenges to ensure you are ready for the work.
  • We interview with video and ask just a few questions to get a feel for your communications skills and personality.
  • We match your skills and personality to the most innovative companies in Canada
  • Once matched, we'll set up your interviews and help you prepare.
  • When your job offer comes in, we'll get your official offer of employment, and provide them with your requirements for immigration and housing.
  • Once you've arrived in Canada, we'll personally take care of your orientation and onboarding process.
  • Even after you've started your dream job, we'll continue to provide you with ongoing feedback and training.

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