Our team selects candidates based on their programming ability over their educational background.

  • 1. Get to know you questionnaire – we want to know more about you, your motivations to relocate and the type of role you are seeking.
  • 2. Technical challenge – next, we want to learn more about your technical skills to ensure you are ready for work in Canada.
  • 3. Video yourself – introduce yourself to us via a video interview, we will ask just a few questions to get a feel for your communications skills and personality.
  • 4. Match – based on all the information we have gathered we match your skills and personality to the most innovative companies in Canada.
  • 5. Interview - once matched, we'll set up your interviews and help you prepare.
  • 6. Job offer - when your job offer comes in, we'll get your official offer of employment, and provide them with your requirements for immigration.
  • 7. Arrival support - once you arrive in Canada, we'll personally take care of your orientation and onboarding process, to settle in you and your family.
  • 8. Thrive - even after you've started your dream job, we'll continue to provide you with ongoing feedback and training to ensure you adjust to your new job in Canada.