Build a culture-smart team

Harness your diverse team's perspective

Diverse teams tend to be more innovative, and can also be more productive with the right tools and knowledge. We can help your team harness their differences — in age, culture, socioeconomic circumstances or skill sets — and turn them into sources of strength.

Optimize your cross-cultural advantage

GTA provides communication and intercultural training for teams, which helps to improve interpersonal dynamics and optimize productivity. Collectively, our diverse team has worked in more than 100 countries and has expertise in cross-cultural communication. We’ll work with you to get your team aligned.

  • Build knowledge about how cultural rules and norms drive communication.
  • Develop communication skills that can be practiced daily.
  • Gain neurological insight about why people tend to stick to the familiar.
  • Learn strategies for engaging with people who are less familiar.
  • Understand the benefit of diversity and collective intelligence to your bottom line.

Meeting the training team

Richelle Matthews / COO

Richelle researched the neuroscience of acculturation at Royal Roads University, where she got her Masters degree in intercultural and international communication. In a nutshell, she knows why diversity can create “white noise” in our brains, and how to fix it. A social entrepreneur and tech startup strategist as well as a thought leader, Richelle has worked in Canada, the U.S, Bangladesh, and multiple countries in Africa.


Put your diverse team on the path to success.

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